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Talk Global Study is an innovative online event that provides you with an exclusive opportunity to speak privately via video, audio or text with senior admission staff from international education institutions and government organisations from across the world.

The event is organised by BMI which organize the leading international education fairs in the world. Since we began over 30 years ago:

  • We have organized over 1200 events on five continents.
  • Over 2 million students and parents have visited a BMI Event.
  • Over 2400 universities, colleges, high schools and education agents and government agencies (such as Education USA, British Council, EduCanada, DAAD and Campus France) have participated in a BMI event.
  • Organize over 85 events annually in 30 major cities across the globe.
  • We reach 1.5+ million students online every year via Viva-Mundo

Therefore, when you participate in Talk Global Study or any BMI event, you know you are participating in one of the best international education events in the world.



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