Study in Ireland Virtual Fair!

An official Government of Ireland event for Asian students.

Speak privately with universities, colleges, and government representatives who will answer all your questions.

Invest in your future career. Study in Ireland!

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An official Government of Ireland event for Asian students.
Invest in your career. Study in Ireland!

22 January 2022


Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam:
4pm - 8pm
China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore:
5pm - 9pm
Korea, Japan:
6pm - 10pm

What happens at the Study in Ireland Virtual Fair?

Talk, ask questions, get help!

Speak privately with the best universities and colleges in Ireland.

Build the employable YOU.

Learn how studying in Ireland will turbocharge your career and will make you employable anywhere in the world.

Live interactive seminars

Learn about visas, the application process, 2-year post-study work rights and hear directly from students studying in Ireland.

1000's of courses available.

Get personal advice to find the perfect course in Ireland for you.

You can't miss this opportunity!

  • Register for the free event - This is an official Government of Ireland event exclusively for Asian students.

  • Connect online - Talk privately with Ireland's top universities and attend seminars led by expert speakers.

  • Discover opportunities - Learn about the visa process & the 2-year post-study stay back option.

  • Solidify your plans - Review your notes and follow up with your favourite institutions.

  • Apply to your top choices of Irish universities and colleges - Study in Ireland. Gain experience firsthand. Work and study abroad.


Meet and speak with these top Irish Universities & Colleges.

What will I find at the event?

Want to know what courses are available at the
Study in Ireland Virtual Fair ?

Download this detailed guide to find which institution offers the course you are looking for.

Hot tip: Save time at the fair, get prepared in advance by making a list of the institutions you want to talk to.

DOWNLOAD – Guide to courses offered by each Institution

Advertising / Marketing

Aeronautical Engineering / Aircraft Maintenance

Animation and Multimedia


Biology / Biotechnology

Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

Computer Science / Engineering / IT / AI

Civil Engineering / Architecture / Construction

Data Science / Analytics / Cyber Security

Design / Art / Fashion

Education / Early Childhood Learning

Electric & Electronic Engineering

English Literature

Finance / Accounting

Film Making / Music / Drama Studies

Food Science / Food Technology

Geography / History

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Resource

Journalism / Communications




Mechanical Engineering

Midwifery & Nursing / Mental Health



Political Science / International Relations

Public Health / Medicine and Dentistry

Social Work / Sociology

Sports Science / Physiotherapy

Veterinary Science / Zoology

Courses & Universities

What does each university offer? How are they different? Find the right fit for me?

How to unlock your employability.

What course will make me employable? Will my degree be recognised in my home country? Can I work in Ireland after I finish my studies?

Financial Advice

How much will it cost? How can I get student discounts? What scholarships are available?

Visa Application

Do I need a visa? Where and when should I apply? What documentation will I need?

Live seminars and info sessions.

Saturday, 22 January

5:15 pm
5:45 pm
Study in Ireland – Get An Edge
*Malaysian time
6:00 pm
6:30 pm
What is it like to study and live in Ireland?
*Malaysian time
6:45 pm
7:15 pm
How your Irish institution will support your Career
*Malaysian time
7:30 pm
8:00 pm
Graduate stories - My career in Ireland
*Malaysian time

Saturday, 22 January

5:30 pm
5:50 pm
乘风破浪的爱尔兰 爱尔兰高等教育优势介绍
*Beijing time

爱尔兰教育推广署负责人 Peter Yang

6:00 pm
6:20 pm
*Beijing time

1. 都柏林圣三一大学中国区招生官 Oli Zou 2. 香农理工大学(利莫瑞克校区)招生官 Karry Fan

6:30 pm
6:50 pm
*Beijing time

1. 都柏林城市大学中国办公室负责人 Hongmei Zhao 2. 都柏林商学院中国区代表 Lauren Lou

7:00 pm
7:20 pm
*Beijing time

1. 卡洛理工学院上海办公室代表Yifei Qu 2. 沃特福德理工学院招生办负责人 Karry Fan

7:30 pm
7:50 pm
*Beijing time

1. 科克大学北京办公室招生负责人 Aoife Wang 2. 利莫瑞克大学中国办公室负责人 Lingxi Yang

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